Inner City Sound
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MARCH 2012 Back in Stock - Now with printable pdf file of the family tree.
Inner City Sound is a 2CD set stand-alone companion piece to the cult book of the same name. First published in 1982, Clinton Walker's Inner City Sound told the story of Australia's punk/post-punk music underground, which paved the way world-wide for indie/alternative rock to follow and produced such seminal names as the SAINTS, RADIO BIRDMAN, NICK CAVE, GO-BETWEENS, TRIFFIDS, SCIENTISTS, X, SEVERED HEADS, SUPER-K and many more…

With a new, expanded edition of the book now out through Verse Chorus Press, Laughing Outlaw Records is proud to present the long-awaited "Inner City Soundtrack".

With interest in the punk/post-punk era currently revived to a pervasive influence, the release of the Inner City Soundtrack is extremely timely.

Produced and annotated by Clinton Walker and re-mastered by the master himself, Don Bartley - and including an extraordinary hand-drawn fold-out family tree poster - Inner City Sound provides proof positive that Australia contributed as much as anyone to the D-I-Y revolution of the late 70s/early 80s: Over forty tracks, restored to a virgin vinyl glory, that still ring fresh and true, a mix of classics and rarities, many appearing on CD for the first time. Bristling with urgency and originality, this is an instant classic twenty years in the making.
DISC ONE: / tch-tch-tch / Sacred Cowboys / Wet Taxis / Seems Twice / Saints / Leftovers / Last Words / Razar / Thought Criminals / XL Capris / Manikins / Boys Next Door / Seems Twice / Young Charlatans / Young Modern / Triffids / Sekret Sekret / Surfside 6 / Voigt/465 / Tactics / Whirlywirld / Primitive Calculators / Systematics / Super-K / New Christs / *** *** / Black Assassins / Lonely Hearts

DISC TWO: / Equal Local / Laughing Clowns / Poles / Scientists / Birthday Party / GoBetweens / Sunday Painters / Essendon Airport / Severed Heads / Machinations / Sardine / X / Hunters & Collectors / End / Plug Uglies / Apartments / Saints / Lighthouse Keepers / David Chesworth / DISC 2 2012 Edition Now includes pdf of family tree.

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Emma Swift
The Sporting Club - BRUNSWICK
Sam Shinazzi
The Union Hotel - NEWTOWN
Emma Swift
Some Velvet Morning - CLIFTON HILL
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