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Stories of Love and Death

Dusty Ravens


Dusty Ravens formed in 2012 around the singing and guitar playing of Andy Meehan who is joined by the singing, tenor & french horn, and mellophone playing of Maggie Raven. Their music is based around a mutual obsession with Mexico, a fondness for country and a healthy tolerance of folk.

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Stories of Love and Death
Dusty Ravens are:
Andy Meehan (vocals, guitar)
Maggie Raven (vocals, mellophone, french horn, tenor horn, guitar)
Kim Griffin (trumpet & bits and pieces)
Mark Hetherington (drums)
Alex Lange (bass)

Their debut album Stories Of Love And Death gives a nod to a few things mainly orbiting close to, or South of, the border: Mexican mariachi, alt country, folk, snippets of flamenco. The album’s engineer described them as Johnny Cash meets Tom Waits, which the band were more than happy with, though maybe some of Willie Nelson’s closer to the border moments is a bit nearer the mark than Johnny Cash.


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