The Sound of Semi-Young Australia

We Got This

The New Christs

So this is it, the last New Christs record ever. And sure enough, it IS the sound of a band playing like they'll never play again. An incredible, passionate, intelligent and intense record that's sure to top my “best of the year” list. But don't give up on the possibility of a next one. Any man can break a habit. But a man with a calling doesn't ever quit.” – Steve Gardner “The Big Takeover”

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“Listen to the maximum fuzz guitar of “We Got This”, bop to the staggering drums and almost oriental guitar theme of the high wire “First Plane Home”, feel your skin tingle with tension as “Shivnarine” spins up. Then be bludgeoned by that hard hitting riff that powers “Groovy Times” and get shaken by the driving “He’s Too Slow”…hell, we’re all too slow at this tempo. There’s a stain of dark bitterness in “Impeachment” followed by a sense of defiant, resurgent hope in “Spit It Out”. The gripping, riveting “Nadir” makes a simple business lunch sound like an act of high treason. The huge chords offset by synthesizer (what Stooges influenced band would dare use synthesizer?  And make it work?) give “Sombrero” an incredibly rich atmosphere. “Sun Sunny Day” feels like a threat – like it’s about the last one you’ll ever see. In “Khartoum” the line It’s a habit, not a calling leaps out – there it is again, that separating motive. Then “On Top Of Me” shimmers down with its gorgeous leads and passionate vocals: Once upon a time a promise was a promise. “I Deny Everything” bounces musically but drips sarcasm: I’m busy faking it, but aren’t we all? There’s a sense of desperation resolved in “Intercourse”, and a smashing fatalism in the prophetic “The Party Died”, which is about a girl but could be about a band, this band. That shit is pre-ordained.

Rob Younger – Vocals, Guitar on ‘On Top Of Me’
Mark Wilkinson – Guitars, Keyboards (dec 2012)
Christian Houllemare – Bass, Harmonica, Keyboards (dec 2014)
Alan Creed – Guitars, Keyboards
Stuart Wilson – Drums except *, Keyboards
*Nik Rieth – Drums

Track Listing
1. We Got This
2. First Plane Home
3. Shivnarine*
4. Groovy Times*
5. He’s Too Slow
6. Impeachment
7.  Spit It Out
8.  Nadir
9.  Sombrero
10. Sunny Day Sun*
11. Khartoum
12. On Top Of Me*
13. I Deny Everything
14. Intercourse
15. The Party Died