The Sound of Semi-Young Australia


The Parson Red Heads


“Imagine Fleetwood Mac making 'Rumours' without the cocaine and wife-swapping” – LA Metromix

“Like Whiskeytown dressed up in their Sunday best” – Portland Mercury

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Yearling, by Portland Oregon–based The Parson Red Heads, celebrates appreciating your friends, living thoughtfully and creating an intentional meaningful life, reflecting the heady maturity of a band whose members are in their mid to late 20’s. The band’s song writer Evan Way says: “I don’t know if the theme was totally intentional. But all the songs came out about learning the best way to live. There are love songs in there, but it’s more about growing up, your memories and taking everything you’ve learned to make your life better.”

“We came up with the name Yearling” as the title, Evan continues, “which is a horse between one and two years old. That one word captured the idea of something growing up. And the record took us a long time to make and we learned so much making it.”

Yearling has a timeless quality that continues and expands the classic pop-country-rock lineage stretching from The Byrds and Fleetwood Mac to the Jayhawks and Wilco. Evan hears those reference points, but says the band feels a stronger musical kinship with contemporaries such as Blitzen Trapper, Fleet Foxes, Dawes and The Fruit Bats.

While many of the songs start in a mid-tempo, they tend to go off into a much more loose and rocking instrumental direction near the end of the song (check out “When You Love Somebody”, “Hazy Dream” and “Time is Running Out”). “Kids Hanging Out”, a fast and loud power pop gem that is a highlight of their live shows. The record opens with “Burning Up the Sky”, a perfect introduction to the band’s warm vibe, with their defining big vocal harmonies front and center. “Unemotional” is a particularly affecting and sophisticated highlight of the record.


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