Laughing Outlaw Records is a Sydney based independent Record and Management company. It’s attitude and approach is pretty simple – music fans releasing music for other music fans. Nothing more complicated than that. 

Since opening up for business more than thirteen years ago the label has released over 150 albums. Most of them are on CD but nothing makes the Outlaws happier than also releasing something on vinyl. 

The Laughing Outlaw business family is large and complicated but Stuart Coupe runs the enterprise on a day-to-day level, his fellow director Victoria talks him out of silly decisions, 

If you can’t find Stuart at the Laughing Outlaw playpen try the White Cockatoo Hotel in Petersham (we call it the Budgie – don’t ask!) as that’s the label’s favourite place for late afternoon/early evening meetings that involve beer – and don’t they all! And if you pass Laughing Outlaw Stuart’s the one out the front NOT smoking a cigarette and having a ‘concept’ meeting with himself. Stuart loves the Sydney Swans, Melbourne Bitter, crime fiction, ten gazillion records, books, magazines and CDs (most of which he lives with), his weekly hour of cover versions on FBI radio (Tuesday between midday and 1pm), New York City, Austin,Texas and Launceston, Tasmania.