The Sound of Semi-Young Australia




Released July 2018
CD Comes with download card.

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It was a steamy afternoon at the end of a short tour of Transylvania when Johnny Presley and his band the Zagreb Allstars took to the studio to record this album. Still reeling from an all night Balkan Brass slivovitz party, the sleepless band and their singer made their way to a secret bunker known as ‘Ravencraig’ and put down these 12 tracks live to two inch tape with no more than one take of each song. The very notion of recording an album of Elvis songs in the Eastern Bloc could have you shot, and perhaps it was for that reason that this album has been “lost” for so many years, turning up just last year during a building demolition in Belgrade. The original analogue tapes were miraculously saved and lovingly restored with the latest digital technology, to bring you this “CD quality” release. Pop it in your discman or give it a spin on your car stereo and you’ll be transported back to a time when Rock’n’Roll behind the Iron Curtain was a truly dangerous proposition.
Ivan Ivanovic, Radio Beograd


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