The Sound of Semi-Young Australia

Stories You Wouldn’t Believe

Sam Shinazzi


‘When the Lights Come Up’ is Sam’s fourth album.  One minute it is powering along, the next it is gentle and retrospective.

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Sydney singer/songwriter Sam Shinazzi returns with full band on his third release, “Stories You Wouldn’t Believe”. Following on from 2003’s “Less Than Perfect Day” and 2001’s “Long Drive Home,” “Stories You Wouldn’t Believe” is twelve disarmingly honest songs to make your feet tap and your heart ache.

In response to a particularly difficult 2004, Sam decided to drop the moniker “the c-minus project” and record a new album under his own name. Gathering his two most important possessions – his new songs and good friends – he set about recording an album. Recorded and produced completely independently over the second half of 2004, and featuring a band including Graeme Trewin of Peabody and Beau Cassidy of Starky, “Stories You Wouldn’t Believe” is an intensely personal journey from hard times back to hope.

A prolific writer, Sam has also had success co-writing including working with Jenny Queen on her album “Girls Who Cry Need Cake” which has enjoyed considerable success and critical acclaim in the UK and Europe, as well as Australia. And if Sam wasn’t busy enough with “Stories You Wouldn’t Believe”, he recently began work with Jenny on songs for her follow-up.

A versatile live performer, Sam is at ease playing with full band, with a guitarist or solo. As well as countless shows of his own, highlights of his live career included playing alongside Bonnie Prince Billy, Lou Barlow, Evan Dando, The Pernice Brothers, Josh Rouse, Hayden, Art of Fighting, Machine Translations, Darren Hanlon and Augie March.

Touring up and down the East Coast of Australia many times over, early 2005 saw his first overseas tour, with a visit to the USA for shows in New York, Los Angeles & Washington D.C. In what looks to be a busy year for Sam, he will also tour the UK & Europe for the first time in October 2005.

Highlights from his recent US tour included spotting Katie Holmes on the streets of New York, having crowds in Washington D.C. singing along word for word, and of course, exploring Springsteen country in New Jersey. With a love of the road, Sam will also be touring Australia extensively to support the new album. If he can get up to all this in a few weeks touring alone in the States, imagine what will happen back on tour in Australia with his band again


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