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February & March 2016 Following the success of their Spring 2015 tour, James Thomson is joined by The Strange Pilgrims; with Craig Rattray on bass, Jason Lowe on steel/lead guitar and Tim Burns (ex-Perry Keyes) on drums. The Highway Nights tour will take the band to new cities and towns along the East coast from […]

Handasyd Williams & The New Primitives – MICK DALEY Review

Ironsight 16 Aug 2015 MICK DALEY Clipping     Buy the album. One listen to Ironsight confirms that country rock oughta have its own commercial designation, rather than being lumped alongside modern country artists. While Handasyd Williams and the Primitives wear their country influences proudly, they’re following an outlaw tradition steeped in renegade anti-glamour, glorying in unabashed big […]

Jamie & Sophie Hutchings @ CAMELOT LOUNGE 27 Aug

“Jamie Hutchings’ art has an air of authority and purpose, a sense of space that is quintessentially his.” – Mess and Noise After a very successful run of shows as part of his ‘Careering Through The Wilderness 1995 – 2015’ tour (which culminated in a full house for his Sydney show), Jamie Hutchings returns to […]

Sam Shinazzi – PENNYBLACK MUSIC UK Review

Forever & For Now 5 July 2015  PENNYBLACKMUSIC UK  Read the Interview       Purchase the album With such great music being made within our own shores it’s easy, even with technology being as advanced as it is now, to miss out on what is happening elsewhere in the world. In the not so distant past there […]

Mark Lucas – COUNTRY UPDATE Review

Little Town Blues 8 June 2015  COUNTRY UPDATE          CLIPPING The first solo album for a while from Mark Lucas, following a string of albums with his band the Dead Setters see’s him bringing the focus back to the stories and the story teller. This time it seems that Sydney’s “urban cowboy […]

James Thomson – FOR THE COUNTRY RECORD Review

Cold Moon 2 June 2015 FOR THE COUNTRY RECORD              CLIPPING James Thomson is a wonderfully unassuming singer-songwriter with a calm and even energy that permeates through each song he sings. His songscapes are simple and old-school, and his influences range from alt-country to bluegrass. Despite Thomson being from Newcastle Australia his sophomore […]

Mark Lucas – THE MUSIC Review

Little Town Blues    3 ½ Stars CLIPPING Mark Lucas normally fronts The Dead Setters but here he steps out on his own with a collection of intimate and restrained songs, decorated with fiddle, banjo, piano and even tuba without ever distracting from the personal and sometimes socio-political content of his lyrics.  Stranger possesses a beautiful, […]

James Thomson – POST TO WIRE Review – Cold Moon

Cold Moon 21 May 2015 POST TO WIRE                    CLIPPING James Thomson’s debut album was an impressive calling card, a introduction to a talented songwriter already sounding beyond his years in terms of his songs and their lived-in delivery. The promise of that first sprawling collection of songs […]