Mark Moldre – SPEED DATE with BRAG

BRAG 18 March 2015

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We’re a band of misfits and marauders. We’re gin and green tea drinkers. We’re a group of musical pillager’s who sound like the un-oiled wheels on a lurching gypsy caravan. If you listen very closely you’ll experience tender romance and dark corners, death and redemption, human struggle versus biblical consequences, dreams/nightmares and bad weather. We can be as gritty as a 1920’s speakeasy and as smooth as Sinatra at The Sands.
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Mark Moldre – French connections!

A lovely story from Mark Moldre

I’m not sure if anyone will remember – a few weeks back I posted a photo of a few French Madeleine’s and a message that I received from a French pastry chef and her staff about how much they enjoyed my new song Madeleine which they’d been playing on YouTube. I was so chuffed that I sent them a copy of the album. Their response has truly bowled me over.

Today I received a parcel which contained a bottle of French wine and a USB stick full of all their favourite French music. At the bottom of the box was a letter and a small wooden carving – which was actually a pen knife called an Opinel. Apparently its a French institution that French men and some women carry one for cutting bread or cheese (they receive one at a young age). This particular knife though was purchased from a French artist who will carve your likeness into the handle – he usually refuses to work from a photo but chef’s Severine and Charlotte went to visit him a photo of me – and – Beef Bourguignon, Chocolate Cake and a bottle of wine to be sure that he would accept. He even included my cigar box resonator guitar.

My daughter now thinks I’m famous. I’m enjoying that while it lasts. Incredible kindness from wonderful people that I’ve never met on the other side of the globe – it really knocked me off my feet.


See Mark at the National Folk Festival   ask him to cut you some cheese!!!

Mark Moldre – Review – EAR TO THE GROUND

“An Ear To The Earth”   Experimental singer songwriter captures the past in song

ARTICLE  11 Feb 2015


[Note: This album is from 2013. We rarely cover albums more than a year old.]

Not since I first heard Pokey Lafarge have I been so impressed with an artist’s ability to capture a bygone era. A bit of the 1930s in sonic form, Mark Moldre‘s old soul transports listeners back to the Great Depression’s saddest of speakeasies. It’s quintessential American and straight from Australia. It’s freshly old. It’s minimalistic and full band. This album of contradictions is just what your sophisticated music palate has been dying to hear.   Continue reading