Sam Shinazzi – PENNYBLACK MUSIC UK Review

Forever & For Now


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With such great music being made within our own shores it’s easy, even with technology being as advanced as it is now, to miss out on what is happening elsewhere in the world. In the not so distant past there seemed to be a constant stream of exceptional albums coming from Australia’s Laughing Outlaw Records to remind us that there is a wealth of talent down there that really deserved to be checked out. Even now when thinking about the label a few names readily come to mind that defined the sound and vision of Laughing Outlaw. Perry Keyes was one; Jenny Queen, the Redlands Palomino Company were others, and then there was Sam Shinazzi.

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Sam Shinazzi – Video “Bones” – great clip, great review


HHHHAPPY 23 April 2015

Sam Shinazzi calls Sydney home in his new clip for Bones

Sam Shinazzi brings his thoughtful songwriting to life with this contemplative video for his clip Bones. Nice work Brett Knight.

Besides having an awesome name, Sam Shinazzi has been kicking around for a while charming folk with his alternative rock and personal, engaging storytelling. If you want proof check out his latest album Forever and For Now, to put it simply it’s brilliant. He’s a humble guy, so it makes sense that the video for Bones follows suit.

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Sam Shinazzi shines as a storyteller on FOREVER & FOR NOW

HHHAPPY  2 April 2015

by Debbie Carr
Somewhere in Sydney, hidden deep beneath aspiring rappers spitting rhymes about their ex’s and every local DJ’s latest chill house mix, Sam Shinazzi picks up his acoustic guitar. Now I’m not saying these fine musicians aren’t creating something special for the future of our music industry, but I’d just like to take a moment to appreciate what feels like the underrated sound of the moment; classic Australian alt-rock.
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Sam Shinazzi – BRAG Review

Forever & For Now       4/5 stars

April 2015 The Brag       CLIPPING

“I feel it in my bones, the fear of being alone,” sings Sam Shinazzi on ‘Bones’. It’s a moment of startling rawness, but typical of the intimacy and directness of this record, which benefits hugely from its heart-on-sleeve candour. On ‘Go’ he’s weighed down with regret as a relationship flounders, while ‘Grieving’ is matter-of-fact statement of loss.
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Sam Shinazzi – Review – STACK Magazine

“Forever & For Now” 3 ½ Stars

Sydney’s Sam Shinazzi is in a reflective mood on his fifth album. And he’s got a restless heart. Forever & For Now documents a relationship where two people are moving in different directions. The result? “Now we’re both grieving. “ Shinazzi namechecks Springsteen in The Day We Met: “You called me from Philly while The Boss was on stage, I held my fist in the air.” But these aren’t stadium songs. Instead, they float by, and the singer has no easy answers. “Sometimes things just happen,” he concludes, “and you don’t know why.” File next to Ben Lee

Jeff Jenkins  2 Feb 2015         PURCHASE  Forever & For Now


Sam Shinazzi – Review

Raw emotion and authenticity are the hardest things for a singer/songwriter to get across. Sam, on his newest album Forever & For Now not only delivers them both, lyrically and musically, but does so with a warm embrace. Sounds that harken back to the indie, grand, guitar alt-rock of Boston¹s heroes the Lemonheads and Grant Lee Buffalo, but all fresh for today. Mr Shinazzi¹s finest work, and so well worth embracing yourself.

Michael Taylor MD Universal Music Australia

Sam Shinazzi – Review – The Music

“Forever & For Now” 4 ½ Stars

Sometimes the most complicated thing is keeping it simple. Shinazzi has the knack of it.

It’s little remembrances as conversations, the emotions distilled to a phrase, a feeling. It’s knowing something’s not quite right and recognising the doubts. Knowing in your Bones “the fear of being alone”is all that’s holding a faltering relationship together. But there’s joy in small gestures too: The Day We Met’s overseas call from a friend at a Springsteen concert, or seeing someone on an early train by chance – a sign that Everything’s Alright. And it just might be.

Ross Clelland  27 Jan 2015           PURCHASE Forever & For Now