Sam Shinazzi shines as a storyteller on FOREVER & FOR NOW

HHHAPPY  2 April 2015

by Debbie Carr
Somewhere in Sydney, hidden deep beneath aspiring rappers spitting rhymes about their ex’s and every local DJ’s latest chill house mix, Sam Shinazzi picks up his acoustic guitar. Now I’m not saying these fine musicians aren’t creating something special for the future of our music industry, but I’d just like to take a moment to appreciate what feels like the underrated sound of the moment; classic Australian alt-rock.

Sam Shinazzi proves his worth as a deeply moving and inspirational storyteller on his latest release Forever & For Now, weaving great personal narratives.

Like a long lost uncle, this twangy guitar ridden sound is probably one you’ve grown up with and whether you like it or not, it’s familiar. But somehow with the rise of killer beats and fierce raps (sometimes all of the above. I’m looking at you insanely lovable Tkay Maidza), there’s a little less of that iconic sound. So upon hearing Sydney singer songwriter Sam Shinazzi for the first time, it was like a breath of fresh air. The familiar twangy guitars, the raw and genuine emotion, it all came flooding back. Shinazzi masters alternative rock in all its authenticity, having heart and soul at the core of each song.

His latest album Forever & For Now is his fifth in an already impressive discography, and this only adds to his reputation as one of Sydney’s most honest songwriters. The ten song release takes a minimalistic approach compared to past releases which lean more towards a folksy sound. Either way, Shinazzi’s signature throughout the years has been his storytelling. With his heart on his sleeve, this is one singer who comfortably waves a string of narratives throughout his music. Listening to Forever & For Now feels like an intimate experience, providing insight into his life, and I can only imagine seeing Sam Shinazzi live would feel the same.

Bones is filled with warm echoing guitar reverb and soaring vocals.  The singer is effortless in his storytelling, never seeming cheesy or desperate as he croons “I feel it in my bones, the fear of being alone, can you feel it in your bones?” It is by no means the most ground breaking sound, but the soul this singer injects into every release is not an easy feat.

Sam Shinazzi has crafted a distinct sound for himself throughout the past 15 years and has created a body of work that can easily appeal to a range of people. So hats off to you Mr Shinazzi for persevering all these years to produce beautiful music.