The music of Hinterlandt is informed by genre-bending musicians such as Marc Ribot and John Zorn, kraut-rock groups like Neu! and Can, electronic producers such as Squarepusher and Four Tet, prog giants like King Crimson and Mahavishnu Orchestra, composers as diverse as Ennio Morricone and Karl-Heinz Stockhausen, the ambient styl­ings of Brian Eno and Stars of the Lid, math rockers like Melvins and Dub Trio, experimentalists such as Oren Ambarchi and Fennesz, dub heavyweights like Lee Perry and King Tubby, and of course by many indie outfits such as Flamings Lips and Sigur Ros. However the arrangements are executed with the pop sensibilities of songwriters like Bob Mould and J Mascis. Doesn’t make sense? Listen and see what you think for yourself.

Cartography is by Sydney-based solo act Hinterlandt.

On this 41-minute record, multi-instrumentalist Jochen Gutsch invites the listener to participate in a musical journey, mapping out a sonic territory that stretches far and wide.

The recordings on Cartography encompass catchy trumpet lines and bold guitar riffs as much as fragile textures, subtle harmonic shifts and rhythmic intricacies – all embedded in complex arrangements supported by advanced electronic trickery.

References to alternative artists from the last four decades are endless, but Hinterlandt has found his own artistic voice, which was developed and crafted through previous bands, extensive sound experiments, international tours, a classical trumpet education, and an uncompromising artistic approach.

While Hinterlandt benefits from Jochen’s skills as a musician and producer, it owes as much to the musical world as it does to non-musical influences such as landscapes, novels, movies, visual art, and personal experiences such as travels.

…a record stripped of excess, that embraces variety, displays impeccable timing and great self-awareness, and is simply magnificent… – Echoes & Dust – Gilbert Potts