Mindy SotiriMindy has released two titles on Laughing Outlaw: Divorce Songs in 2011 and Creatures In The Ceiling in 2014

Creatures in the Ceiling is an album about walking home alone at night, car-parks in the inner west, firecrackers, disability activists, disillusioned lovers and the yearnings of Mrs Bukowski.

Divorce Songs is a close-up look at a long term relationship – it’s grand romantic threads (love, infidelity, ambivalence) set up against the domestic love catastrophe of real life: play groups, sleep deprivation, baby monitor static, sore boobs and toddler snot.

When I first heard the sublime Mindy Sotiri sing about baby monitor static at an inner-city pub, I burst into tears and smudged all my eyeliner. Sure at the time I was a hormonal wreck because I, too, was up all night breastfeeding. But words can’t express how amazing, re-assuring and downright subversive it was to witness my new maternal existence making an appearance at an actual live music gig. NO-ONE sings about this stuff. And they SHOULD. Because it’s huge and it’s important and it can make women crazy if they think they’re the only ones going through it. Mindy is not just an outrageously talented musician – she’s bringing women’s intense private worlds into the public (or at least the pub-y) sphere. And that’s as rock as it gets. – Emma Tom