A feast of shimmering melody and classic songcraft, the record was co-produced by Julian Mendelsohn (Paul McCartney, Belle and Sebastian) and the band’s singer and songwriter, Dave Mather. The record is at once a summary of the band’s journey so far and a road map of what may lie ahead.

Founded in Melbourne in 2004 by Mather and longtime friend and collaborator Dan Gard’ner, The Glorious began as a humble vehicle for Mather’s songwriting and slowly evolved into a fully-formed band, initially recruiting a rotating cast of like-minded allies before solidifying a line-up with the addition of Joel Loukes on bass.

The release of a self-titled EP in 2005 immediately announced the band’s trademarks – expertly crafted songs, rich melodies and intoxicating atmosphere.

The band recruited Mendelsohn to record their debut album in 2007. The record captured a natural, classic sound and once again showcased Mather’s exemplary songwriting. Los Angeles-based label Kayo Stereophonic released the album in the USA and Canada in late 2010. A tour of New York clubs followed to support the record’s release.

On returning home The Glorious embarked upon a series of local shows, as Mather started writing the songs that would make up the new record. With classic touchstones such as Bruce Springsteen and The Band providing inspiration, the new songs became both an expansion and a departure of what had come before.

The haunting melodies of the first album have given way to broad strokes of colour with the addition of brass, female backing vocals and a recording philosophy that emphasises spontaneity and natural feel over any sort of perfectionism. The raw, clean sound and relaxed performances let the songs live and breathe in their own time.