The New Christs were formed early in 1980 in Sydney as a hard rock group.  They disbanded in 1981, reformed in 1984 to play support on an Australian tour by Iggy Pop.  Their first studio album “Distemper” was released in 1989.  It reached No 1 on the ARIA Alternative Albums chart.  They toured Australia and Europe twice.  In 1990 they split up but then briefly reformed in 1991 to support the Ramones at a Sydney gig.

Between then and 2001 various members came and went, singles & EPs were recorded and their second album “Lower Yourself” was released in 1997.   “We Cot This!” was released in 2002 after the band had disbanded in 2001 – Rob Younger declared that it would be the last album from them…  But then in 2009 came “Gloria” and in 2014 “Incantations”

“We Got This” was released by Laughing Outlaw in 2002 and features this line-up.
Rob Younger – Vocals, Guitar on ‘On Top Of Me’
Mark Wilkinson – Guitars, Keyboards  (dec 2012)
Christian Houllemare – Bass, Harmonica, Keyboards   (dec 2014)
Alan Creed – Guitars, Keyboards
Stuart Wilson – Drums, Keyboards
Nik Rieth – Drums