Suzy Connolly

Songwriter, guitarist and vocalist Suzy Connolly is a musical powerhouse who tells it like it is. In 2010 this artist teamed up with producer and musician Josh Schuberth (Josh Pyke, Ben Folds) and recorded her much anticipated debut solo album ‘Night Larks’ which has been described has an alternative pop lover’s dream full of soaring classic pop gems with influences ranging from ‘surf’ to ‘beatlesque’, always immediate in establishing Suzy’s trademark honesty, drama and tenderness. Suzy’s new record is a guitar pop lover’s album with plenty of emotional toughness, lyrical insights and soaring melodic vocal hooks. Some songs reflect Suzy’s recent turbulent times and this is one artist that wouldn’t have it any other way. References include Suzy’s classic pop influences such as Big Star, Aimee Mann alongside grittier rock bands like The Strokes and Blondie.

The inspiration behind the music.
Suzy comes from a large and creative family of painters, musicians, producers and writers. Her songwriting father, Richard, even wrote the Play School theme – “There’s A Bear In There”!

As a teenager Suzy performed regularly as a jazz vocalist, but struggled with the shyness of youth, yet to find her own voice. Much like two of her heroes, Ray Davies (The Kinks) and Andy Partridge (XTC), who also overcame introversion, Suzy ironically found a way forward by satisfying an urgent desire to write songs and express herself musically and artistically. Luckily for us, she hasn’t looked back since.

“Sometimes an album has its way with you, works its way inside your head and your heart, takes up residence and begs you relentlessly to keep coming back for more.” Chris Familton – Doubtful Sounds

“Calling to mind the unfussy songwriting of Aimee Mann, Connolly’s smoky vocals coat a delicious collection of finely honed, mature songs, her straight forward lyrics the work of a strong woman who’s suffered her share of heartbreak, and has a poetic way to setting it to music.” Rod Yates – Rolling Stone